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Eight major features of Intel skylake sixth-generation microprocessor

Time:2017-03-12 Views:5882

Main features:

1.14 nm process;
2.Both DDR3L and ddr4-sdram are supported.
3.Integrated display core or Intel Larrabee architecture based on specially developed use;
4.The interface changes to LGA1151 and must be paired with Intel‘s 100 series chipset for use.
5.Cancel FIVR
6.Built-in Intel generation 9 display core
7.Adopt the second generation FinFET technology
8.The Skylake microarchitecture shows the core

Intel does not disclose the successor microarchitecture code for Skylake/Skymont, but Intel‘s "Tick Tock"(pendulum) timeline shows that the next generation of Skylake/Skymont microarchitecture will still have a 10-nanometer process.

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