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YouTube celebrity Linus Sebastian recently reviewed a very peculiar Intel B150 motherboard from Chinese motherboard manufacturer Zeal-All

Time:2020-05-08 Views:11383

ZA-SK1050 is a highly integrated motherboard, the main control uses intelB150 chipset, supports Intel 6th / 7th gen Core i7/ i5 /i3 processor, onboard NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphics card, supports win7 / 8/10 / linux system. Our ZA-SK1050 is currently mainly used for AI algorithms such as people flow monitoring, vehicle flow monitoring, holographic images, human-machine interactive machines, scene environment detection, etc...

It‘s feature is to enhance the video memory of the motherboard through the Intel main control chip and the onboard NVIDIA plug-in. It is to make up for the lack of video memory that comes with the built-in Intel chip. After enhancing the GPU, it can achieve higher AI computing performance.

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