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Zeal-All Group Autumn tour in Thailand 2018

Time:2018-09-17 Views:6588
1.Visit  the grand palace of Thailand, which symbolizes the prosperity of Bangkok dynasty. It is a well-preserved, grand and unique royal palace in Bangkok,
piecetogether the essence of Thai architecture, painting, sculpture and garden art.

2. Visit the luxurious private villa in Thailand -- the rich and famous house, which is owned by the rich Chinese. It costs 1.4 billion baht and is of great style.

3. Go to the seaside and take a speedboat to the moonlight island, which is known as the Oriental Hawaii.
The moonlight island, with white sand and clear water, 
is the favorite beach of European and American tourists

4. Pattaya largest floating market -- [du lala sifang water market], experiencing the local customs of Thailand.

5.Visit [Roman theater] to appreciate the unique performance of Thai ladyboys.

6.A group photo of Zeal-All company

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