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The 5th shenzhen international embedded EXPO 2016 Zeal-All motherboard has attracted much attention

Time:2016-08-29 Views:5283

August 24-26, the fifth shenzhen international embedded system exhibition was held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

Shenzhen Zeal-All technology co., LTD. bring new products this annual event in the embedded field, showing the extraordinary strength of leading the industry development.

In this year‘s embedded system exhibition, Zeal-All New series products boutique amazing appearance.

As an international leading embedded application solutions provider, a proud wisdom has always been adhering to the "wisdom, innovation, integrity, quality" spirit, to independent innovation, independent research and development as the core competitive power, has the good team, professional services, have the international competitiveness of high-tech products, products are widely used in automotive computer, game machines, medical equipment, network communication and storage, digital surveillance, industrial application, POS logistics control equipment, etc.For example, za-h81 series motherboards are stable, safe, intelligent and fast.Support Core i7/Core i5/Core i3/Pentium processor;High-speed CDDRS can run faster on memory.Unique integral shaping ferrite inductor, high efficiency, low loss, low temperature rise and the latest process MOSFET, lower internal resistance, lower heat output, high efficiency and energy saving.

China‘s industrial control board technology emerged around 2000, a full 30 years behind Taiwan and foreign enterprises.Development journey in the past, Chinese companies benefit from the rapid economic development, automation level ascension and strength, like Zeal-All company always insist to the concept of innovation in the industry, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of products deep enterprise and wings are plump, its rapid rise like a flower in industrial motherboard.
Zeal-All is committed to becoming a pioneer of information security and embedded products in China, showing the world China‘s technology and products, and being professional and proud of products.

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