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ZA-KB1650is a highly integrated motherboard

Time:2020-05-12 Views:9410
        The ZA-KB1650 integrated motherboard with onboard graphics continues the design concept of the previous generation of onboard NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphics motherboards to derive a new generation of embedded NVIDIA GTX1650 motherboards. This motherboard uses Intel B365/H310C chipset; support 6/7/8/9 generation I3/I5/I7/I9 processor; with onbaord NVIDIA GTX1650 (4G memory) ; support three-way POE power supply function Intel I211 network card chip; support three-way output: HDMI DP DP / HDMI DP LVDS two modes output.
The size of the motherboard is an unconventional design. Size: 234.95mm x 197.48mm. By using Intel B365/H310C chipset to support 6/7/8/9 generation I3/I5/I7/I9 processor and onboard NVIDIA GTX1650 (4G video memory) graphics card, it shows powerful performance output in AI algorithm and VR operation.
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