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what are the LGA 1151 socket motherboards support CPU?

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Before we answer the question, what is the LGA1151 CPU slot?

LGA 1151 is the CPU slot that Intel has reserved for the Skylake micro-architecture CPU, also known as Socket H4.This CPU slot will replace LGA 1150 (Socket H3) and support both DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules.

The cpus compatible with the LGA 1151 interface include Intel Skylake‘s full series CPU (Intel sixth generation CPU).

Such as the latest pentium G4600, i7 7700T, i5 7600,i3 6100 and so on.

Is lga1151 interface motherboard compatible with lga1150 interface CPU?

1. No, the CPU of 1150 stitching is Haswell series, 22 nanometer manufacturing technology.

2. 1151 is the Skylake series, 14 nanometer production process.Both cannot be used on one motherboard.

The 1151 pin is Intel‘s latest desktop CPU.

In addition, the matching motherboards are 100 series, such as Z170, H170, H110, B150, etc.

The LGA 1151 motherboard manufactured by zhiao technology co., ltd. mainly includes ZA-SK1AC1  equipped with H110 chipset, ZA-SK1050, equipped with B150 chipset, embedded NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card, and supports 2 DDR4 memory.

For more information about the CPU models supported by LGA1151, click the download link below.

LGA1151 CPU support list.

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